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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 7, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PST

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there's a vote coming up over extending unemployment benefits. carroll has all that news just for you. >> i have that and more. thanks so much. happening now the shutdown. flights for 17 hours, four major airports and thousands of passengers stranded. some not seeing available seats at least a week. what's going on here? oh i wish you could hear him because it's crazy. dennis rodman unplugged and one on one, cnn exclusionive and startling frame against american kenneth bae. also a wild finish, thrilling last minute drive at the bcs game, florida state capturing the national championship. and after six years,
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saturday night live hires a black female cast member. america needs to hear her. newsroom starts now. good morning. i'm carroll. thank you for joining me. this is adding to the travel nightmare for hundreds of thousands of airline passengers. jetblue shattered separations for 17 hours to give their crews a rest. the company says it will start the reboot. jetblue played a big part in the scratch yesterday morning. stranded passengers are experiencing long waits. many are skeptical the airline will be back to 100% by midday as promised. >> i don't think anyone knows where the lines actually go or
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what they're for. there's no one out here answering questions. >> i was sitting on my plane and then there was announcement that it was cancelled. then i had to get off. i went back with them and been stuck here two days. >> i'm actually kind of worried. the way this line is, i don't know what security will be like. >> the weather has caused about every airline to suffer flight delays and cancellations. only jetblue took the step to scratch all flights in several major airports. cnn has put out reports to jetblue to talk to top executives. the company is not making them available for interviews today so they can focus on restoring focus. >> our chief business correspondent now. what were they thinking? >> very busy holiday season, big winter storm, cold winter ice, another winter storm. the margin for error was so
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slim, they cancelled flights for 17 hours to pause and start this thing over again. there were flights coming in jetblue tells us last night. boston logan, laguardia, new york jfq, new ark. this was an important escafor jetblue. by noon, 50%. after that by 3:00 they hope to have 100% of things running. yesterday they slowed down operations, fully reduced the flight load by 6:00 p.m. last night. few flights were landing in the region. this was to reset the whole thing and untangle the mess the weather has caused. the interesting thing many noted
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it's the only airline that mentioned new faa rules for flight rest. it's getting speculation it had plenty of time to prepare for that, shouldn't have this as the blend of reasons they had the jetblue deep freeze, critics are kauing it. that they had time to figure pit out and couldn't handle the storms the way the other airlines have handled the sto l storms. in their defense, all airlines are having delays and cancellations. one thing if you got on, they've got your information and going to reach out to you. rebook your flight or you're going to get a refund. they're going to waive the change fees as they should. >> we've been in that situation before. i wouldn't wait for any airline to reach out to me. time to take matters in your own hands. >> there's no humans to reach
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out to at airports anymore. it's difficult to do customer service at any of the airlines. it's a mess for travelers now. >> all right christine, we'll get back to you. thanks so much. people on planes are not the only ones dealing with travel headaches. that drifting snow stranded 500 amtrak passengers overnight a board three trains stopped in their tracks. that's 16.5 hours cooped up and powerless. we are joined live with sierra. you were on board the train and escaped it now. bring us back to the beginning. what happened? >> at the beginning of the trip i went from illinois where the the train started. it was supposed to depart at 6:1 a.m. and didn't get there to 10:45 a.m. that's when we left the first station. we were told at beginning it was going to have a lot of delays and would be a slower train.
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then we left. every train stop we went to we would have little stops in between we'd have to clear something or wait for another train. there was one stop that lasted nine hours. >> oh my gosh. what did you do for nine hours? >> a lot of sleeping, a lot of reading plays for college, and a lot of hoping and waiting. >> so you're stuck -- basically stuck in the middle of nowhere and no one could come get you? >> yes, just past the princeton train stop. there were no roads or anything. we were stuck in five feet of drifted snow. >> that's unbelievable. there was heat on the train and food? >> absolutely. they had electricity and outlets where you didn't have to worry about losing your phone and could keep in touch with loved ones. had the heat going the entire time as soon as the crew knew we would be there for a while, they brought out the carts and said
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everyone come down and grab what you want on us. >> with each passing hour, i would have been afraid the electricity would have gone away at one point. >> that was definitely a fear. i thought i know i'm not supposed to leave my car on for a long time. what's the ratio for a train? >> you made it through and still sane. i admire you for that. >> thank you. >> thanks for sharing your story. amtrak says within the last couple of hours it began moving passengers from two trains and outing them on buses to the ride to chicago. we are in chicago with the latest on amtrak's side with george. good morning. what happened. >> reporter: good morning. looking at picture you see snow everywhere, in the middle of nowhere. had to be a difficult situation. consider how cold it is here right now. negative 10, feels like negative 30. sitting on a train waiting to be
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evacuated to be rescued. got to be a difficult situation. three trains were 80 miles west of chill chill. we understand that two of the trains, at least two, have been evacuated. they are in the process -- amtrak is in the process of getting people back to safety, back to shelters, or train stations i should say in illinois. it's one of the situations where it seems like amtrak is definitely taking proactive steps and on top of it as you spoke to the guest there, a person that seems to be back at home talking to you after quite a situation. >> she was skyping from her dorm room all nice and warm. george howell, go somewhere warm. thanks so much. when can we expect things to warm up? indra petersons is in the park. >> reporter: wind chill 20 below
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and snow blowing around a couple days ago. unfortunately the winds are stronger in new york city this morning. for that reason it feels worse even though temperatures are 14 below. that is the problem. same cold air in the midwest brings temperatures as low as 65 below yesterday. today 50 below, air has made its way to northeast. yesterday in new york city 55 degrees with a wind chill in the morning hours. this morning 60 to 70 degrees temperature drop in 24 hours. with the same strong winds now going over the lakes, lake erie, ontario, five feet of snow and blizzard conditions in that area. temperatures in new york city not expected to warm up even throughout the afternoon as the cold air is still making its way in. it's going so far south, even places in the southeast will be looking at temperatures below freezing. temperatures 30 degrees below average. millions of us are suffering
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today. >> at least we're suffering together, right? all right. now for one crazy interview. dennis rodman now accusing an american man held by the north korean government of wrong doing n. a combative interview with chris cuomo, rodman blew up when he was asked when the korean government has kept kenneth bae locked up so long without any explanation. >> are you going to take an opportunity if you get it to speak up for the family of kenneth bae and say let us know why this man is being held? this is wrong, that he is sick. if you can help dennis, will you take the opportunity? >> watch this. the one thing about politics -- kenneth bae did one thing if you understand. i got it guy. if you understand what kenneth bae did -- do you understand what he did? >> what did he do? you tell me?
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>> you tell me. why is he held captive? >> they haven't released charges. they haven't released a reason. >> listen -- >> let me do this. i would love to speak on this. >> go ahead. >> you know. you got ten guys here, ten guys here that left their families, left their [ bleep ] families to help this country as a sports venture. ten guy, all these guys here. do anyone understand that? >> we do. we appreciate that and wish them well with cultural exchange. >> i don't give a [ bleep ]. i don't give a [ bleep ] what you think. look at these guys. look at them. >> don't use them as an excuse for the behavior you put on yourself. you were basically saying kenneth bae did something wrong. we don't know the charges.
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don't use the guys as a shield for you dennis. >> listen. listen. >> ain't no shield. i got this. let me do this. i'm going to tell you one thing. people around the world, around the world -- i'm going to do one thing. you're a guy behind the mic right now. we are the guys here doing one thing. we have to go back to america and take the abuse. do you have to take the abuse? we're going to take it. do you, sir, let me know -- are you going to take it? we're going to get it. guess what though, one day, one day, this is going to open because these ten guys here, all of us -- christy, dennis, charles, all these guys,
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everybody here -- if we could open the doors a little bit for people to come here. >> well, he certainly is passionate isn't he? chris cuomo joins me live from new york. it's difficult to take this. it's almost as if he has talked to the north korea leader about bae. i don't know. what's your sense? >> not my sense. there are a lot of allegations circling about why kenneth bae has been incarcerated. there's been no official set of reasons other than hostility to the state as a blanket charge. it's difficult to speculate. certainly the family and officials on this side working the situation make it very clear that kenneth bae is not somebody who's a known felon under their code or any recognizable code. he's a victim and hostage. that's something that matters. obviously carole the theater of rodman is appealing. i don't know what his problem was this morning to be honest.
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i don't know why he got so angry about it and took the step to make the allegation against mr. bae. i can't speak to his allegations. i doubt he can. i think it is all worth it because even the theater of this -- there are two big points. one, the issues matter. kenneth bae's family obviously. you report on this all the time. the threats posed by north korea to united states and other countries are worth giving the situation attention to it stays on people's minds. secondly, charles smith. i'm a knicks fan, a smith fan. the other men, baker, robinson, hodges, other great players that went there on cultural exchange. that's a legitimate thing to do. i get it. but the game was gifted to the ruler as a birthday present. that makes it almost a celebration of a man that should not be celebrated. >> they're playing the game on his birthday, right? >> as a gift.
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>> obviously dennis rodman is sensitive about the bae issue or he wouldn't have blown up at you. >> there are plenty of reasons to blow up at me. one of the few things that doesn't make rodman unusual is wanting to get upset at me in an interview. we have to look past bluster and remember who's really upset and angry -- >> kenneth bae's family. >> exactly. you have to keep it in the fore front. that's why we did the interview. i felt charles smith and the others were having to sit there and support rodman. >> unbelievable interview. i'm sure it's online now. many thanks to you. in the newsroom, president barack obama making the push for congress to extend unemployment benefits. jim is at the white house this morning. hi. >> reporter: the frozen debate
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the bad weather across the country i is having a big impact on work in the nation's capital. a key senate vote was delayed until today after 17 lawmakers had travel problems yesterday. that vote scheduled for 10:30 a.m. eastern time, an hour from now. a vote tally shows it will be close. 55 democrats and four republicans back that. that's one vote shy of 60 votes needed for a filibuster. jim is in washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you could say this polar vortex has frozen the debate of extending the unemployment benefits for the jobless. last night, harry reid was trying to bring this up for a vote in the senate. one of the top republicans in
6:20 am
the senate, john cornen went over to reid and said let's have a timeout. 17 senators couldn't make it to washington yesterday because of weather and travel delays. here's what the senator had to say. >> this is a serious issue. if this was anything other than a political exercise, we would have rescheduled the vote. >> the majority leader. >> i ask the vote be scheduled for tomorrow, 10:00 a.m. >> is there objection? >> without objection. >> reporter: so already a partisan fight in the nation's capital. they want budget cuts to off set the costs of extending benefits for roughly a million or so americans, cost of $6.5 billion. jay carney said this is only an
6:21 am
extension three months so basically what's the big deal? here's what he had to say. >> this would give immediate relief to families and remove fear many of them face not knowing if and when they'll get benefits back. would allow time for further discussion how to move forward for rest of 2014. >> reporter: this vote is expected to come up in the next hour and a half over the u.s. senate. if it does not pass, and as you mentioned right now democrats have four republican senators who are going to vote to clear this first procedural hurdle. they have four republicans at this point willing to cross over. the big question, whether or not they've gotten that fifth senator from the republican side to come over. if that does not happen at 11:40 a.m. at the white house, president barack obama will come out to give a speech on the issue of unemployment insurance and be surrounded by americans
6:22 am
who's unemployment insurance has run out. republican expect the president to go after republicans on this issue of unemployment, income and equality. it's a big issue playing out this week. this is the 50th anniversary of the war on poverty. the speech is scheduled tomorrow. it's the issue of the day here in washington. >> all right jim, many thanks. iraq back in turmoil. the white house is pushing back against critics that blame al qaeda's insurgent on decision to pull out u.s. troops. up next many in the nurges how the u.s. is lending a hand to the iraqi government. [ female announcer ] right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal a cold sore in as few as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. without it, the virus spreads from cell to cell. unlike other treatments, abreva penetrates deep
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this morning the u.s. is ramping up support to iraq where violent clashes threat ton tear the country apart.
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the white house says it will speed up delivery of military equipment to help with the efforts but will not but u.s. boots on the ground. cities once battlegrounds for u.s. troops are now the so site of bloody clashes between the iraqi army and al qaeda-linked militants. this slid you shows tribes men who have turned against the government holding positions inside fallujah. jim robertson has more for you. >> reporter: iraqi forces under attack. a soldier in the dirt wounded at the road side. a mid the chaos, there's calls for backup. just half an hour's drive west of iraq's capital in the province, many are turning on
6:27 am
the government. >> translator: we will fight all those connected to the government, this tribes man shouts. >> over the weekend, fighting flaired in the two main cities. the government responded with troops and air strikes against what it calls al qaeda terrorists. secretary of state john kerry promised support but no troops. >> we're not putting boots on the ground. this is their fight. we're going to help them in their fight. >> how much of this fight is political conflict? the country minority marginalized by the majority and how much is al qaeda is unclear? for sure al qaeda is exploiting anger under the name of islamic state of iraq in syria. they've been boasting success with propaganda video like this not to mention making
6:28 am
significant territorial gains in neighboring syria attracting thousands of foreign fighters. whatever the causes, iraq's prime minister is issuing an ultimatum, put down guns. >> translator: they have been involved without knowing in supporting al qaeda projects. >> fallujah has a history of resistance in a massive offensive in 2004, u.s. forces tried unsuccessfully to crush the insurgents. the group reimmerged, al qaeda got a hold. in 2007 tribes joined u.s. forces and al qaeda was finally pushed out. this family flees. the government seemed poised for a major offensive. the stakes for stability and potential for civil war seem as
6:29 am
high as they've ever been. nick robertson, cnn jerusalem. i'm telling you, this is something else. jp morgan will pay out $1.7 billion. it's the madoff scandal. $1.7 billion. >> that's a lot of money. he was the wall street scam artist who will die in prison. he basically destroyed the lives of investors who put money with him just before the financial crisis exploded. this was the guy that started to unravel the whole empire was a fake. he had never been trading. he had been doing business with legitimate banks, hedge funds,
6:30 am
mutual funds around the world. no one knew he was a total scam. now jp morgan one of those banks that did business with bernie madoff agreeing to pay $1.7 billion to settle the claims. >> does that mean jp morgan knew or turned a blind eye? >> i don't know when the settlement says or if they'd add hit wrong doing. usually when you settle you don't admit wrong doing. what we know in hindsight as we've unravelled the madoff scam is that people should have known all the way. there was a whistle blower who went to the scc and said here's my madoff document, he's how he's scamming people, a total fraud. he still wasn't apprehended. the government was warned about him. some hedge funds didn't want to
6:31 am
do business because he didn't smell right. he went on 15 to 20 years scamming investors in new york and all over the country. this was a very big fraud with lots of big legitimate players involved around the edges. it went on for a very long time. he went to jail. still seeing them untangling and now a $1.7 million settlement from jp morgan. when we have more information, we'd love to have you back on. thanks so much. still to come, a boost to the economy or drain on our government? those are the arguments for and against the extension of unemployment benefits. we'll dive into the debate after the break. i quit smoking.
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i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is. happening this morning, chris christie marking the pa passage of his version of the dream act. this public ceremony is taking
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place at a time when speculation about a presidential bid for that governor heats up. peter in union city, new jersey. tell us more peter. >> reporter: hey that's right. christie is signing the billowering tuition rat-- the b that lowers tuition rates for children of immigrants. thises a notch on his resume as he tries to become a different republican, a national figure to appeal to different con spisti s constituents. he won union city where we are majority hispanic city improving
6:36 am
from his 2009 performance here. a lot of people are talking about how will this affect the 2016 presidential chances? the republican basis has a relationship with immigration reform. we saw rick perry who also sign standard dream act in texas was damaged in his primary bid in 2012. chris christie is trying to be a different republican. there are plenty of conservatives. rand paul, ted cruise, santorum possibly. chris christie is making bet i can be more moderate, appeal to a different kind of republican. there's a space for that in the primary. mitt romney who's the perceived moderate in 2012 almost won iowa. chris christie might be able to do that again in the state. he's going to sign the bill in a couple of hours. we'll be here. >> reporting live for us this morning, thanks so much. in about an hour, the senate will hold a key procedural vote
6:37 am
to restore long term unemployment benefits to 1.3 million americans. who knows if it will pass? it's a contentious issue. you believe it helps the long term unemployed or turns them to leeches. the extension will cost $6.4 billion. if passed this would be the 12th extension or expansion since 2008 when the economy went bust. now turning to debate. we turn to christine romans, the contributing correspondent to the wall street journal. welcome to all of you. >> hi. >> first question for you david. critics say if you correct over a long period of time you turn
6:38 am
into a government leech. is that true? >> in good times when jobs are plentiful, unemployment benefits discourage people from looking for work. these are not good times. unemployment is at 7%. 40% of those people -- mind you those are the ones looking for work not the ones that have given up. 40% has been out of work six months or more. it's hard for me to believe that lots and lots of these unemployed, long term unemployed are now going to find jobs the unemployment benefits are cut off. >> monica, some say unemployment insurance that goes on forever and ever leads to more unemployment and hurts the economy. is that true? >> i find that logic challenging. we haven't rejuvenated the economy in the most meaningful way putting people back to work in good middle class jobs. so this isn't a make believe
6:39 am
issue. people out of work should be a priority democrats and republicans. it feels like ideologies of both parties trumps what's best for people. this conversation doesn't seem to be about helping people out of work. it seems to be the end fighting between two parties that don't like each other and have conflicting idealologies. >> who are the people on long term unemployment? >> they're a different labor market. if you're newly unemployed you have the best chance of getting a new job in five years. things are getting better for you. if you've been out of work a couple of months, things are getting better. if you've been unemployed for a long time, it's the same market. even if the jobless rate is falling to 7%, we have to take care of people over here not getting resorbed in the
6:40 am
recovery. somebody who's been out of work six months and gets $300 a week, they spend $300 of that money going into the economy. it's good for the economy economists say, good for the people. now is not the time to pull it back. the message you get from washington, the president is focussing on the wrong thing. he's focussing on long term jobless not creating better paying jobs for more to get into. >> critics also say from economic standpoint the focus should be on obama's weak economic recovery not propping the unemployment victims. is that fair? >> this is fair. this is a band aid. not even all people out of work six months to a year are eligible for unemployment benefits. this is taking care of people left out of the lousy recovery we have had. both parties have ideas about how to get the economy growing
6:41 am
more quickly. president barack obama would like to spend more on infrastructure for instance. some republicans say fewer regulations or massive tax reform that would unleash growth. they're squirmishing over how do we help a few victims? >> the big decision is how long do you continue to help people? when do you think the economy might right itself long enough to help the long term unemployed people? when would be the right time? >> america is the land of opportunity. helping people get good jobs should be high on that priority. what we need is confidence is positivity from washington. and certainty. people go out and purchase when they feel certain about their
6:42 am
future. we don't have that. that's one big way they can help and it wouldn't cost a dime. >> christine, david, monica, thanks so much for this conversation this morning. so important. still to come in the newsroom, after much criticism, saturday night live adds a new black female cast member. >> a member. she's there. we've been talking about it a while. she is now the one. we'll tell you when we come back. and it feels like your lifeate revolves around your symptoms, ask your gastroenterologist about humira adalimumab. humira has been proven to work for adults who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief, and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections,
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well we just got an interesting statement from the nba as we told you at the top of the show. chris cuomo had an interview with rodman. shortly after the interview and right now, three hour as after e interview, nba sent this statement. nba is not involved with rodman's trip and would not support the trip without the approval of the u.s. state department. david kerns said in a statement released by the league tuesday, dennis rodman's visit to the
6:46 am
country with the team of former nba players can be helping in bridging cultural divides. this is not one of them. so this says to me the nba wants to totally remove itself from dennis rodman and players he brought to north korea for the big basketball game on the north korean leader pea's birthday. we'll have more in the 10:00 hour. for the first time saturday night live has a black female cast member. there she is. her name is sasheer zamata. she'll start the show january 18th. i can remember talking to you about this. you said hey, none of it will make a difference unless they deliver. they delivered. >> absolutely. we have been talking about this for months, when was it going to happen, what would happen?
6:47 am
it has. her name is sasheer zamata. she was in college the last time there was an african-american woman on the cast. when rudolph made her last appearance as a regular on saturday night live, sasheer was at the university of virginia. she has been here doing improp the last few years. lauren michaels has a history of going to up right citizens brigade to find talent for saturday night live. let me give you tidbits about her. she was born in japan. her dad was in the military. she traveled a lot growing up. her biggest comedy influence was lucille ball. this is how life works.
6:48 am
i'm messing her name up already. i better get this right. sasheer said that she was just about to pack up and leave new york and move to los angeles on sunday. she was pretty much done with new york. then she got the saturday night live gig. that's how life works. last minute you think something is happening. you get the gig carol. >> that's awesome. >> we'll be watching january 18th. many thanks to you. coming up in the 10:00 eastern hour of "newsroom" former nfl punter is out of a job. he says it's his outspokenness towards same sex marriage that has him looking for a job. >> no one told me i wasn't doing what i was supposed to do. the only thing that changed from year eight to when i got cut is i started speaking out on rights. >> he makes charges that he was
6:49 am
fired by two cowards and a bi t bigot. that's all new in the next hour of "newsroom."
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if yand you're talking toevere rheuyour rheumatologistike me, about trying or adding a biologic. this is humira, adalimumab. this is humira working to help relieve my pain. this is humira helping me through the twists and turns. this is humira helping to protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for over ten years. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. for many adults, humira is proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure have occurred. before starting humira , your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your doctor if humira can work for you. this is humira at work. dow is doing something good. let's head to wall street and allison. what's happening? >> dow up a little over 100 points. this is new for 2014. 2014 has been a slow start for stocks. you look at what happened last
6:52 am
year. we're talking just a few days ago in 2013. stocks have had the best run since the 1990s. now looking at the dow making a push to go higher. we are going to see though if this stays to the closing bell, you know, we look at s&p 500 and it hasn't ended in green over the past few days. the markets also kind of in caution mode as everybody waits for the big jobs report coming on friday. at this point, investors are in it to buy at the moment. back to you. >> okay. allison, we'll check back. director michael bay known for over the top productions, big explosions and lots and lots of action. now he's created drama himself after this samsung tv press conference. take a look. >> i try to take people on an emotional ride. the curve, how do you think it
6:53 am
will impact how you experience movies? excuse me. i'm sorry. >> okay. ladies and gentlemen, let's thank michael bay for joining us. >> there was a prompter and i guess it stopped working. not exactly a michael bay hollywood ending there. i'm sure samsung was happy either. we are live in las vegas with more. sorry my tell prompter is not working. hang on a second. >> tell us use that as much as you can. as soon as it stops working. a lot of people online thought it might be some type of publicity stunt for samsung. it really seemed like the tell prompter just went down. >> it's not like he was asked a hard question.
6:54 am
it's like what do you think of the cool tv? he needed a tell prompter to answer that? >> they have bigger things to worry about. they're probably much more concentrated on those issues than this with the director. >> reporting live from las vegas, thanks so much. still to come, florida state quarterback leads the noles to the promise land. >> we'll show you how he get it done in last night's game, next in the bleacher report.
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during jameis winston's post game, aj mccarron sent out a tweet that said am i listening
6:59 am
to english? >> mccarron's girlfriend favored a derogatory tweet. sad breaking news. skier lindsey vonn has withdrawn due to injury. von repaired the right knee competing two weeks ago. she posted on her facebook today that said i am devastated i will not compete in sochi. i'm having surgery soon so i can be ready for the world championships at home next february. this is sad. von was going to be the face of the team in the olympic games. sad she's not going to be there. she tried so hard to come back from knee injuries.
7:00 am
>> hopefully she'll take the season off and her knee will be repaired and she'll be healthy. >> andy thanks so much. next hour starts now.
7:01 am
good morning. thank you so much for being with me. record shattering cold grips much of the nation. we may see some of the snarled air travel begin to unknot. jetblue says, starting now, it is ramping up its operations after its drastic move to shut down for 17 hours in some of the nation's busiest airports. the company says it canceled about 4200 flights stranding tens of thousands of travelers. some of the passengers scoffing at jetblue's goal of being back to 100% by midday at promised. >> i don't know if anyone actually knows where any of the lines go or what they are for. everyone just gets there and no one is out here answering questions. >> i was sitting on my plane and then there was an announcement that it was canceled. so then i had to get off and then i went back with them and i've been stuck here for two days. >> i'm actually kind of worried, because the way this line is, i
7:02 am
want to know what security is going to be like. >> man, that must be hell. cnn renee marsh is at the airport and christine romans is in new york. renee, let's start with you. we've reached out -- i'm sure you've reached out to jetblue executives to ask them why they decided to shut down operations for 17 hours. have you had any luck? >> we did speak with jetblue. they are sticking to their words and their messaging here. they are pretty much saying they had to do this because they want to get passengers to their destinations as fast as possible. let's talk more about jetblue. you mentioned 17 hours, no plains were taking off from those new york, new jersey, and boston airports. no planes for 17 hours. it is a drastic step that jetblue took, no other airline took that step. here is an update as to what operations will look like as we move through the morning. they say they will be up to 25%
7:03 am
as far as departures go at this hour. then, when we move to the noon hour, they will be up to 50% and again by 3:00, they say they will be 100%. we're talking about 3:00 eastern time, carol. >> maybe they will be back up to 100%. from a business standpoint and a p.r. standpoint, it is not great. you have everybody in all the airlines delayed or not even sitting on the tarmac. they wish they were. jetblue is getting all the grief today, in part, because they said, among the reasons why they did this reset was because of these new flight rules for flight crews. that's something that aviation experts said, wait a minute. you have had several years to work on that. that should not be something that has really tangled you up here. one thing from a business standpoint, carol, this is a reset. this is, if you cancel all the flights. you don't have people in the
7:04 am
planes. you don't have people going to those airports. it allows you to get your crews caught up. it allows you to get your planes worked on and start all over again today. the business reason why they did it but certainly they are getting a lot of grief. >> you are not kidding. >> so, renee, what best advice do you have for passengers? >> well, you know, the best advice i could give you is essentially be patient and you want to be proactive. pretty much wait on those lines. get on the phone with the airline, because these opportunities do kind of pop up once in a while. you just really want to be proactive. you don't want to take one person's word at 10:00 and not check back in before noon. just keep on checking. carol, one last thing, if i can slip it in there. jetblue kind of blaming us, the media regarding their stance on those new faa arrest rules. they told us this he believed
7:05 am
those rules were compounding the delays. fast forward to today after they got a lot of pushback from people like the pilot's union, look, you have enough time to prepare. you just weren't prepared for this. they said the media was hyping the position on the new rules but what they meant was it had a little bit of impact but mostly the weather. we are noticing a slight change in the language. >> many thanks to both of you. >> the travel headaches are not just in the air. amtrak fell to a stop yesterday afternoon. about 500 amtrak passengers spent the night hunkered down. this morning, amtrak offloaded the first of the passengers on to buses and drove them to chicago. i talked with one of the passengers last hour. >> we were told it was going to
7:06 am
have a lot of delays and it would be a slower train. then, we left and every train stopped that we went to. we would have little stops in between where we would have to clear something or wait for another train. there was one stop that lasted nine hours. >> that was a doozy. she is in her dorm room right now, sierra is. she is all warm and i don't know. she is probably jogging in place. i can't imagine sitting that long on a train, george howe. >> reporter: it is a bad situation, specially when you consider the temperatures we are dealing with. right now, here in the city of chicago, negative 9 degrees there. feels like negative 30 degrees. again, as you mentioned, there were three trains we are talking about just 80 miles west of chicago. we do understand two of those trains, the people on board, and i believe some 500 people overall, two of those trains have been evacuated and amtrak
7:07 am
is in the process of getting people off that third train and on to a bus. we understand that bus could be arriving in the city of chicago here within the hour and hopefully, carol, just like the person you spoke to earlier, hopefully, they can also get to back home, back to a warm place. >> george howe, many thanks to you. let's talk about one crazy interview now. dennis rodman now accusing an american man being held by the north korean government of wrongdoing. in a combative vint with chris cuomo, he blew up when he was asked about why the north korean government would not release kenneth bay. >> reporter: let me end on this. you do have a relationship with this man. you have said it many times. we have seen it demonstrated for whatever reason. are you going to take an opportunity, if you get it, to speak up for the family of kenneth bae and to say, let us know why this man is being held, that this is wrong, that he is
7:08 am
sick. if you can help, will you take the opportunity? >> the one thing about politics, kenneth bay did the wrong thing. did i understand what kenneth bay did? >> you tell me what he did. >> no, no, no, you tell me. why did he help -- >> they haven't released any charges. >> let me do this. i would love to speak on this. >> go ahead. >> you got ten guys here, ten guys here that have left their families, left their families to help this country as a sports venture. all these guys, ten guys, all these guys here. do anyone understand that? >> we do and we appreciate that.
7:09 am
we wish them well with cultural exchange. >> no, no, no. i don't give a -- i don't give a rat's ass what the hell you think. i'm saying to you, look at them, look at them. >> dennis, don't put it on them. don't use them as an excuse for the behavior you are putting on yourself. >> they came here, they came here. >> you were saying that kenneth bay did something wrong. don't use these guys as a shield for you, dennis. listen, listen. >> there will be no shield. i got this. willie, willie i-want to tell you one thing, people around the world, i'm going to do one thing. the guy behind the mike right now, we are the guys here doing one thing. we have to go back to america and take the abuse. do you have to take the abuse that we're going to take? do you, sir, let me know.
7:10 am
you don't take that abuse. we don't care. guess what, one day, one day, this will open, because these ten guys here, all of us christian, ben, dennis, charles, all these guys, everybody here, we would just open the door just a little bit for people to come here, maybe one day -- >> i know. it is hard to believe, isn't it? you wonder if he was on something. who knows. shortly after that interview, the nba sent us a statement totally removing themselves from the efforts of dennis rodman. he is in north korea with the former pro basketball players to play a basketball game on the north korean leaders birthday. so david stern, the nba commissioner, sent us this statement. i'm going to read it to you,
7:11 am
quote, although sports in many instances can be helpful in bridging cultural difficult 1r50 divides, this is not one of them. the first big political battle of the new year begins this hour as the senate holds a key vote on extending unemployment benefits. dana bash is in washington for us. hello. >> carol, we have no idea how this vote is going to end up. it is a nail biter. we'll have more on why that is so after the break. hey guys! sorry we're late. did you run into traffic? no, just had to stop by the house to grab a few things. you stopped by the house? uh-huh. yea. alright, whenever you get your stuff, run upstairs, get cleaned up for dinner. you leave the house in good shape? yea. yea, of course. ♪ [ sportscaster talking on tv ] last-second field go-- yea, sure ya did. [ male announcer ] introducing at&t digital life. personalized home security and automation.
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checking our top stories at 14 minutes past the hour. she is in very bad shape. that's how the lawyers are describing the condition offer the 13-year-old brain-dead girl. she was transferred from an oakland hospital to a special care facility on monday night. her uncle talked about piers morgan about the ordeal. >> as a family, we are relieved she is no longer at children's hospital.
7:15 am
we are all emotionally drained and everybody is on the verge of having somewhat of a nervous breakdown. this has been an incredible roller-coaster ride of emotions. >> mcmath's family says they plan to sue the hospital for not feeding her after she was declared brain dead. should the use of marijuana be legal all over the place. on the heels of sales, 55% of americans say yes. that's a 12% jump from 2012 and more than three times higher than what it was back in 1987. four nfl players suffering from lou gehrig's disease could receive as much as $5 million from als. this could compensate them for c concussion-related injure rest and $4 million for players that commit suicide and $3 million if
7:16 am
they suffer from dem mentia. in 15 minutes, real life implications on the senate floor. lawmakers will hold a key test vote on extended the unemployment benefits that expired last month. 60 votes are needed to avoid a republican filibuster. democrats are shy of that number with four republicans joining 55 democrats in voting yes. dana bash live on capitol hill. what is this -- i guess it is a procedural vote, which is very complicated. what's the likelihood of harry reid getting one more republican on the democrat's side in essence? >> we don't know the answer to that, carol. four is the number of republicans that have declared publicly they are going to vote with democrats. there could be more republicans out there who will at the end of the day feel that they need to support this. this, of course, is, as you've
7:17 am
said, a procedural measure, but an important one in order to have the senate take up this concept of extending long-term unemployment benefits for three months at a cost of $6.5 billion. this, as we've been reporting, is a democratic priority from the white house to capitol hill. democrats have decided the whole concept of reaching out to those most in need, the poorest in this country, is going to be their mantra this year and, in fact, will be a big second-term priority for the president. that's in part why the democratic majority leader, harry reid, decided this would be the first thing that he would do today. now, republicans who are opposed to this aren't all opposed to this for the same reason. some say it is because harry reid is doing this for political reasons, he is putting this up there without any debate, without any discussion in committee about reforming the unemployment system, which some republicans want to do. some republicans say $6.5 billion is a big chunk of change
7:18 am
without having it offset in the budget otherwise. others say, a smaller number of republicans say they believe it is time to stop the idea of continuing unemployment benefits, because they believe that it depresses the idea of people going out to get work. if you are out there and you have no money and no unemployment, benefits are going to run out. it is 20 below zero and you can't wait for your heat, you are not worried about political games in washington. still to come, former vikings punter, chris kluwe, says he was fired but not for his performance on the field. >> no one ever told me that i wasn't doing what i was supposed to do. the only thing that changed from year eight to when i got cut is i started speaking out on same-sex rights. >> his words are having far-reaching repercussions. we'll talk about that next.
7:19 am
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7:22 am
chris kluwe certainly has a way of words. his i was a football player until i was fired by two cowards and a bigot. he says he was fired because of his outspokenness about same-sex rights. he talked about anderson cooper. >> i didn't start keeping notes until april. it was clear my job was done with the vikings. up until that point, i was under the impression i would still play for them. i had no reason to think they were letting me go. no one ever said they were dissatisfied with my performance. once they did draft a punter, i thought, i need to get this stuff down while it is fresh. >> clhe alleges that mike keife says, we should round up all the
7:23 am
gays and send them to an island and nuke it until it glows. he also alleges the former head coach, leslie frazier and minnesota's general manager discouraged his activisms. the vikings say they are now investigating. rachel nickels, anchor of cnn's unguarded and david cornwell, who represents many nfl players, jonathan martin. is kluwe's article on dead spin, are they talking about it within nfl circles? >> as a reporter, you love players like chris kluwe, smart, engaged, realizing as a professional athlete, they have the chance to impact the world around them, however they see fit. kluwe has been active, not just in marriage equality but in many other issues as well. as an nfl executive, he is not the kind of player that you
7:24 am
necessarily want on your team, someone who makes waves, someone who has viewpoints that could be controversial. you can see where there was a divide here. i'm interested, though, in david's opinion on this. i have not seen too many nfl teams who let go of players who can help them in the game on the field. we have seen nfl players who have been arrested for drunk driving. we've seen nfl players who have been arrested for domestic abuse, murder investigations, all kinds of problems off the field. in an nfl team feels that that player in the balance helps them on the field, they keep that guy around. now, the balance issue, though, is important. maybe the vikings did feel or certain members of the vikings felt that the balance with chris kluwe, that he was causing too much of a distraction and worth getting rid of in comparison to how much money he was making and performance. >> david, what do you think? >> happy new year to you and rachel. good morning, rachel. >> good morning, david. >> it is an excellent point.
7:25 am
the national football league is about winning football games. players and coaches will put up with a whole lot if they believe somebody can help you win a football game. chris, no doubt, was influential and was making a difference. but i believe that the vikings decision to go in a different direction is because they thought someone else could be a better player for them and not because of chris's views with respect to same-sex marriage or anything else. >> would another team hire him? >> if he is good enough, absolutely. >> it doesn't matter. this controversy wouldn't matter to them. >> let me tell you something. this is more of a competitive sense than a sexual preference sense. the national football league is about men and coaches are about leading men. the objective is to win games. you will be accepted in an nfl locker room in a nano second if the players believe you can help them win games. the coaches will lead you in that direction. >> so, rachel, also, in anderson
7:26 am
cooper's interview last night, chris kluwe said there were witnesses to his allegations, players, other players, on minnesota's team. let's listen. >> i'm confident, because it is the right thing to do. also, one of the things that i'm going to push for and will absolutely demand is the fact that there must be an nonimity for these witnesses. being black balled in the nfl is a very real possibility. that's not something i'm willing to force my former teammates is to submit to. if it means interviewing all members of the 2012 vikings in order to make sure no one is singled out, then that's what it takes. >> so, rachel, do you think other players will ever come forward and stand up for chris kluwe and say, i heard those comments too? >> it depends. as chris points out, what kind of shield they are given in this investigation. it does help this investigation that the minnesota vikings'
7:27 am
coaching staff is in flux right now. the head coach has been fired. the assistant coaches are still technically retained by the team but a new coach is going to come in there. they usually bring in their own assistants. if this was a case where that coach was currently very much employed, the whole administration there was employed and, therefore, players were concerned about keeping their jobs, that might be a factor in having them be quiet. i think players will be a little bit more likely to talk if they feel like, hey, there is new coaches coming in here anyway. we have to impress all new people. as chris points out, that anonymity or having some prob tex from the team where the nfl is important, like it is in any investigation where people are being asked to tell on their bosses. >> just to button things up, david, rachel said a lot of personnel are leaving. are the minnesota vikings going to look into this when most of the people allegedly involved in this are going to be gone anyway? >> i think they will. i think the commissioner will be sitting in the background to make sure they are doing a comprehensive and a legitimate
7:28 am
investigation. given the things that went on with jonathan in the dolphins, i've met with the commissioner about that. now, this in the vikings, there is no doubt that the nfl is at the cutting edge of some social issues. they are going to deal with this responsibly. there is no question in my mind. how is jonathan martin doing, by the way? >> he is doing very well, back in school, studying, doing very well and anxious to get back into the nfl and play football. >> you think he will play football again. >> jonathan is one of the best tackles in the national football league. some team is going to want to have him on their team. i don't know if the dolphins is the place he will end up but he will be able to play football in the national football league. >> if you can play football, people will want you on the team. >> i heard that from both of you many times this morning still to come, the vote we've been talking about in the senate on unemployment benefits is just about to begin. a live report from washington
7:29 am
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. the nation's largest bank has struck a deal with federal prosecutors in the bernie madoff ponzi scheme. you might remember. it has been five years ago since that explosive scandal that madoff had carried out one of the biggest investment scams in history. jpmorgan chase will pay $1.7 billion to settle criminal charges accusing it of ignoring warning signs. it is the largest penalty of a bank in the nation. i know that was difficult to follow but i apologize for that. in short, jpmorgan is going to pay out $1.7 billion to victims of bernie madoff for its part in this scheme. we're trying to figure out what part jpmorgan played in all of this? >> they were his banker for 20 years, a banker to a man that
7:33 am
took money from charities, from celebrities, from mom and pop investors and had the largest ponzi scheme in history happening right there under the nose of jpmorgan chase, the biggest, most sophisticated bank pretty much anywhere in the world. that's what happened here. this investigation found there were red flags missed over and over again within jpmorgan chase that could have prevented that. they should have found it out and known that this was happening right under their nose. their bank was being used in it. this is what the company says. jpmorgan says we could have done a better job. they say that. they recognize they could have done a better job pulling it all together. all of this various information and concerns about madoff that were popping up from different parts of the bank over time. that spokesman being very careful to point out that at no point does it look like anybody within the bank was helping madoff. they just missed it and missed it very badly. a lot of people were hurt by this, carol.
7:34 am
when you look at the range of estimates for how much money was lost. at the height of my covering this, five years ago, it looked like $65 billion was missing. that's because this guy would take people's money and use that money to pay some other people. he would use that money to pay other people, live his lifestyle. he would use that money to cultivate this error about himself. he wasn't trading or growing that money. when the economy and financial market started to fall apart, he was sort of laid bare. the emperor had no clothes and the whole thing fell apart. the sec was warned. there were internal red flags at jpmorgan chase. still, it went on for years. >> it is interesting. this involves criminal charges against jpmorgan. nobody is going to go to jail for this, right? they are just going to pay him lots of money. >> madoff is in jail. he is going to die in jail. there are five of his associates that say they have been hood winked or they have settled with
7:35 am
prosecutors. that's the thing that really frustrates people, whether it is madoff or the mortgage mess, which was really bigger. this is all happening at the same time. all of these major problems that the banks seem to be at the center of, the big thing that really urks the general public that paid for bailouts and watched madoff run amuck, there has been nobody from a bank that has gone to jail. they keep handing out the money. just about half an hour, senators will vote on a procedural benefit to extend unemployment to 1.3 americans. word is senate democrats may not have enough republican votes to avoid a filibuster. gloria borger and rona fohar are here. welcome to both of you. gloria, i want to talk about the
7:36 am
votes. something i found interesting. of the four republicans who might vote with the democrats this time, three are women. i find that interesting. >> well, women very often in the senate turn out to be sort of the great compromisers. susan collins of maine, who is running for re-election. interesting thing to me about this vote, carol, is that it tells us a little bit about the choices as we head into 2014. you see the democrats reembracing the sort of populous mantle that worked really well for them in the presidential race. remember, the president talking about i understand the middle class voters believe that he really understood and cared about their problems, more than mitt romney did. i think what you see for republicans is that they are at the proverbal fork in the road. they can either vote no, which many will do, or they can say and some are starting to talk
7:37 am
about this, what kind of an agenda can we have for the people in this economy who have been left behind. that is different from the democrats. instead of just saying no, how do we help people get out of poverty in our own way and that hearkens back to the sort of old days of jack camp, republican, a mentor to someone like paul ryan, who has been talking about poverty an awful lot these days. i think you are going to start hearing different things from the republican party that could start to surprise people. >> rona, one of the things we are hearing from some republicans, they wan want to offset the $6.4 billion extension by cutting something else, right? $6.4 billion to me is a lot of money but not in the grand scheme of the entire federal budget. >> that's right. when you look at how the recovery is playing out, yes, we are in an economic recovery right now.
7:38 am
there are a lot of people, as gloria says, that are still being left behind. this is still the longest period of recovery we have had, the slowest recovery in the post world war ii era. it is very interesting. i do think her analysis is spot on. the republicans are at a fork in the road. they need to come up with policies that speak to middle americans and people lower down the food chain. so far, a very by fifur kated recovery. >> other than semantics, gloria, what will the republicans adopt to prove they are helping those that are long-term unemployed besides tough love? >> i think that's an unanswered question. right now, there are some republicans like marco rubio talking about what charlie rangel talked about in the '80s, which is these empowerment zones for communities that are really in trouble with all kinds of tax
7:39 am
breaks. they are trying to come up. there are some of them, marco rubio and paul ryan, to come up with an agenda whether it invalves tax incentives or a larger role for government if you will. this is a problem for the republican party. if you believe in small government, do you believe the government should do anything. there are some that say, you know what, there is a role for government. the role for government is helping bring people up from the bottom into the middle. this is an agenda that is evolving. it will be interesting to see. if you can ge the democrats and republicans fighting over the best way to help the people at the bottom, that would be a pretty interesting debate. >> thanks for joining me. >> you are welcome. football player found guilty of raping a 16-year-old is now
7:40 am
free less than a year after his conviction. cnn's poppy harlow is following that story. that's right, malik richmond, who was convicted of raping that 16-year-old girl at a series of parties in august, he is now out of juvenile detention. the rape victim's attorney tells us the statement issued by is had family is disheartening. it doesn't mention the victim. we'll have that story straight ahead. this was the hardest decision i've ever had to make.
7:41 am
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7:43 am
malik richmond, found guilty of raping a girl has been released. his attorney said, he is a better, stronger person and looks forward to school, life, and spending time with family. cnn's poppy harlow joins me live. some people are incensed at this statement. >> absolutely. including the victim's attorney. malleague richmond and trenton both convicted of raping this girl. trent maze was sentenced to two years because in addition to the
7:44 am
rape, he disseminated a nude photo of the victim. his attorney told me he had been released from juvenile detention. i want to read you more of the statement. it says the past 16 months have been extremely challenging for malik an his extended family. at 16 years old, he and his family endured hardness beyond imagine for any adult let alone child. he has persevered the hardness and made the most of yet another unfortunate set of circumstances in his life. after i read that, i called bob fitzsimmons, who is the attorney for the victim, who we have been in touch with. i said, what do you make of this statement? he frankly is very upset the victim is not mentioned anywhere in this statement. i want to read you part of what bob fitzsimmons sent us. he wrote, although, everyone hopes convicted criminals are rehabilitated. it is disheartening that this convicted rapist's press release
7:45 am
does not make a single reference to the victim and her family, whom he and his co-defendant scarred for life. one would expect to see him publicly apologize for all the pain he caused rather than make a statement about himself. that comes from bob fitssimmons that represented the victim and her family. i talked to the prosecutor's office. they had no further comment. what happens now? richmond will go back to school, et cetera. both richmond and maze have been classified as tier 2 sex offenders. wherever they live, they will have to register with the local sheriff every six months for 20 years. he served his sen stens atence victim's attorney not happy at all with that statement. >> the part of that that got me was the unfortunate set of circumstances. seriously. >> i also want to point out,
7:46 am
this case got so much national media attention and in large part, other than the fact that this 16-year-old girl was raped, it was all over social media. so photos of her, horrible things said about her online, every time that happened, she was revictimized again and again and again. that is what happens, the horrible side of social media, for her. obviously, she has been through it again and again and again. >> and again right now. poppy harlow, thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," deadly attacks in russia have put the spotlight on security during the sochi olympics. will the games be safe? cnn's diana magna is looking into that. >> reporter: it is one month and today marks the day when the security operation is beefed up dramatically. we will be telling you how and why in a few moments. ♪
7:47 am
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open to ambition. open to bold ideas. that's why new york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes for ten years... we're new york. if there's something that creates more jobs, and grows more businesses... we're open to it. start a tax-free business at we told you that jetblue decided to shut down their operations in four major cities for 17 hours. angering many passengers. some of whom have been stuck in airports for days. they had to do this in part because of a new faa rule meant to make flying safer, meant to
7:50 am
save us from exhausted pilots. christine romans has the lowdown. >> reporter: they are reporting that jetblue, the only airline to publicly blame those faa rest rules for part of its delay problems, they had asked for a waiver or an extension of the rules. they wanted to push it off and give themselves more time to be ready. the faa saying jetblue was the only airline to ask for more time and they were denied. jetblue is the only airline to publicly say that those new regulations are part, not all, but part of its problem right now with this 17-hour reset in the northeast. what are those rules? those rules require ten hours of rest. it requires rest time, a certain amount of rest time for flight crews. it is more rest time than they had had before.
7:51 am
partly because of an air crash that had fatalities several years ago in which pilot fatigue was blamed. they wanted to protect against that. jetblue asking to extend that for a bit andy nighed from the government, carol. >> you are wearing many hats for us today i appreciate it. i wanted to ask you about a vote taking place on the senate floor. the voting has just begun. everybody is wondering if democrats will be able to get the five republican votes they need to get this thing through. >> mr. wicker, no. >> for some time, the betting money in washington and wall street was that they would eventually extend this thing. it is a mid-term election year. people that are long-term unemployed, the 1.3 million that need the checks, they are democrats and republicans. this has turned into a fight about how are you going to pay for it, when are you going to
7:52 am
end entitlements and emergency benefits before they become entitlements and among republicans, an indictment of a slow recovery from the president. they say, look, the obama economy should be creating more jobs, not creating more government paid for checks for people that can't find work. so that's sort of where this has all gone. it is a political fight, carol. there are 1.3 million people that have a $300 check every week that hangs in the balance. the economy is getting better but not better enough yet to absorb all the people back. >> a very slow recovery. christine romans, many thanks to you. still to come in the "newsroom." the nation's largest consumer electronics show kicks off today in las vegas. could the next big piece of technology be revealed this week. we are live from the show floor after break.
7:53 am
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7:55 am
2013 was a pretty big year for technology and gadgets. samsung released their first smart watch. google introduced their wearable google glass. we have a new iphone to round things out. what's ahead for 2014? the technology heavyweights are pulling out all the stop at this year's consumer electronics show. brett larson is with he joins us live in las vegas.
7:56 am
good morning. a big show already. the doors haven't even opened. they are expecting over 150,000 people will walk through the doors to see all the new devices we are going to want to get our hands on. >> let's talk about some of the new devices. let's talk about some of the in you tvs that are out. >> we should. ultrahigh-definition. that means that the television you have had all along, the hdtv is outdated. here is the tv. it is four times the resolution. you see there it has a curve to it, which is kind of cool. you don't notice it as much. it feels like the contents is reaching and having a little bit of a hug. the picture quality is crazy good. we are running through this video of all the different places in the world. every once in a while, you see a person walk through. i can tell he is wearing some levi's jeans.
7:57 am
these we expect to be in the stores probably in the next three to four months. something i discovered yesterday, this is called the phone scan. you put your smartphone here. it kills all the germs on your phone so that your phone is safe. everybody has already had their breakfast but i don't want to tell you how dirty your cell phones get. they are 18 times more dirtier than things we touch. we can't forget about the dog collar that keeps information on your pickup's vital signs and sends it to your veterinarian. that's just a sample. >> thanks for the preview. two montana snowboarders thought they were having fun following a moose down a slope. wildlife officials are not
7:58 am
laughing. >> reporter: what do you say when you see your buddy ahead of you snowboarding down a mountain chasing a moose. oh, my god. charlie rush and hunter lamereaux were snowboarding when they stumbled on the moose apparently at a loss for any words but those. the wild moose chase continued until suddenly, the moose stopped and turned which pointed our intrepid cameraman right down. charlie rush managed to rush by the moose. >> but he says, it runs at my friend. i see my friend crawling up the run as fast as he can. the moose took off. hunter posted the video on his facebook page with the caption, just chasing a moose while snowboarding, no big deal but the national forest service thought it was a big enough deal to fine charlie rush $225. >> we do have regulation about
7:59 am
harassing wildlife. what they did fell under that. >> reporter: charlie says they weren't harassing it. they were trying to get around it. he is debating whether to fight the fine to clear his name. >> i just don't like how everyone is dissing on us and saying we are horrible people and jerks. >> he says he has never hurt an animal his entire life. he won't hunt or fish. >> i love moose. i never realized how big they were until i got that close to one. >> reporter: moose are nothing to trifle with. the last time i did a moose story, a more moose took on a truck. the driver gingerly tried to get around mom and her cavs. she rammed the vehicle four times. that moose actually ended up chasing the truck. >> let's get out of here. >> reporter: even when you hit a moose, did you actually have a hoof print on your face. >> a moral for our snowboarders. don't mess with a moose. you could end up doing a face plant with moose tracks planted
8:00 am
on your face. jeanne moos, cnn. new york. >>. >> thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts now. no electricity, heat or school. record lows and windchills that can kill. it is the polar vortex. even if you have never heard of it, i bet you are never going to forget what it feels like if you happen to be in its path. t the battle overextending expired unemployment benefits heating up in the senate. we are watching the vote and expecting to hear directly from the president all within the hour. also ahead, i a